Black Tea

Leaves are shaken, and the vibration causes cell walls to break down gradually. The leaves are allowed to oxidize fully, thereby producing dark finished leaves and a liquor that ranges from light apricot to deep amber.

China Black Tea

Item # Name Description
1014 Keemun Hao Ya Produced in very limited quantities. Numerous tips; a prized tea.
1015A Organic Keemun Maofeng (Hairpoint) Mellow flavor with hint of sweetness. Long, slender, twisted leaves.
1053 Yunnan Gold Tip, Premium Small quantities available each year, many gold tips.
1054 Yunnan Gold Tip, Special
1055 Yunnan Gold Tip Abundant gold tips; a good addition to upgrade your Yunnan Black selection.
1056 Yunnan FOP, Special Finer, more tips & smoother than 1057.
1057 Yunnan FOP Brisk, fine leaf tea with golden tips; full aroma. Yunnan Black Teas are known for their soft, round flavor.
1059 Golden Gunpowder Familiar Gunpowder shape with gold showing in the spiral shapes. The tea brews a deep russet color with substantial body. It has a long finish with the aromatic bite of a weighty black. Intense, full.
1064 Golden Monkey Fine, wispy black leaves with bright, golden tips give this tea its name. This is a Black to savor on its own. Look for a soft, delectably sweet finish.
1065 China Gold Tips From the large-leafed varietals in Yunnan, the gold tips in this tea are lavish and generously sized, producing a delicate orange-hued cup.
1066 Panyang Congou An unwieldy name perhaps, but this is a venerable Fujian Black with distinct sweet notes at the finish that taste of dried fruit, especially dried longan.
1111 1st Grade Keemun Famous for its superb flavor and aroma; best of the congou teas, attractive leaf, fine & twisted. Complex, distinctive fragrance. Higher grades have uniform, slender leaves with more pronounced Keemun flavor.
1113 Keemun
1113A Organic Keemun
1115 Keemun
1125 Black Orange Pekoe Standard Black OP suitable for blending or "as is."
1180A Organic Black Orange Pekoe Good breakfast standard, now as an organic.
1131 Black Orange Pekoe Slender, rolled & twisted leaves. Excellent leaf.
1133 Black Orange Pekoe Somewhat thicker, dark leaves.
1204 Black Broken Orange Pekoe Broken Orange Pekoe; small cut suitable for blends & iced tea.
1710A Organic Decaffeinated Black BOP Good as Decaf and Organic English Breakfast.
1714 Decaf. Ceylon Pekoe (ethyl acetate process) Larger pekoe leaf style; also good as a Decaf. English Breakfast. Brew is deeply colored and full flavored.

India Black Tea

Item # Name Description
1430 Assam FTGFOP1 Gold Very bright in the cup. Many gold tips.
1436A Organic Assam FTGFOP1 Suitable for Irish Breakfast.
1438 Assam TGFOP Good proportion of gold tips. Rich, full-bodied, satisfying cup.
1445 Assam Golden Flowery BOP Also has gold tips; deep red brew. May be used for Irish Breakfast.
1476 Nilgiri FOP From southern India. A smooth tasting tea with strength and body. Makes a fine cup and also ideal for blending or for iced tea.
15XXA Organic Darjeeling FTGFOP1, 1st Flush Please inquire about gardens each season.
16XXA Organic Darjeeling FTGFOP1, 2nd Flush Please inquire about gardens each season.
1675 Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Gold tips; rich full-bodied flavor. Excellent cup quality.
1686 Darjeeling TGFOP Rich amber & clean liquor, rich & complex flavor, full-bodied cup.

Ceylon Black Tea

Item # Name Description
1316 Lumbini, FBOPF, Extra Special Shows the best of Sri Lanka's fine black teas. Full-bodied and exceptional aroma, served plain or with milk. Great concentrated black tea fragrance.
1317 Ceylon Fancy FOP Silver Flowery Orange Pekoe. Prominent, very fine and wiry silver tips stand out against dark, slender Orange Pekoe.
1336 Ceylon Fancy Gold Tip, BOP1 Bright with gold tips, this large-leaf BOP makes a clear, satisfying amber cup.
1341 Kenilworth Orange Pekoe Long slender leaves with a smooth flavor unique to this estate.
1355 Ceylon OP1 Long slender leaf; thick-bodied; complex flavor.
1359 Ceylon Orange Pekoe
1373A Organic Ceylon Black BOP Good tea to use for Breakfast blend; bright cup with characteristic Ceylon Black strength.
1369 Ceylon Super Pekoe Large pekoe leaf; thick body.
1373 Ceylon BOP (High-grown) Fine leaf; brisk; good with a spritz of lemon.

Naturally-Scented Black Tea

Item # Name Description
1810 Earl Grey, Fancy Black congou scented with natural oil of bergamot. Blue & white petals added.
1811 Earl Grey Also natural bergamot flavor. Slender leaf; medium-bodied; taste not over-powering.
1811A Organic Earl Grey
1821 Lapsang Special From the mountains of North Fujian, leaves are processed over pine fires so they may absorb the smoky flavor. Long, robust leaves.
1822 Lapsang Souchong
1822A Organic Lapsang Souchong
1824 Lapsang Souchong
1832 Rose Congou Black Black congou naturally scented with roses; delicately sweet, with a fine fragrance; not overpowering so that the flavor of black tea comes through. Pretty rose petals make a nice contrast against the black tea leaves.
1834 Bai Lan Black The "Bai-Lan" flower has slim, vanilla-colored petals. The blossoms are traditionally placed in a dish on a dressing table, desk, or dining table, or even worn in the hair, so prized is their delicate clean fragrance. Since only the flowers are used to scent the tea, the aroma is natural and not at all overpowering.
1835 Lichee Congou Black Naturally scented by adding the juice of fresh lichees to tea leaves. Wonderful flavor, hot or iced.
1865 India Chai Ingredients: India Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, & vanilla.

Flavored Black Tea

Item # Name Description
18504 Mango Indica Bright golden bits of fruit make an attractive contrast to the darker black leaves. The tea offers the sweet tropical fragrance and taste of luscious, ripe mango.
18506 Black Currant A favorite among fruit teas because of its gentle, welcoming flavor and smooth finish.
18521 Ripe Raspberry Bits of plump red raspberry and red flower petals add visual flair to this perennial favorite.
18525 Passionfruit Accented with orange bits and sunflowers. Flavor is round and full, with smooth fruity aroma.
18540 Apricot Bits of dried apricot are mixed with the tea leaves, producing the sweet familiar flavor of this delicious dried fruit.
18545 Peach The delicate peach flavor is brightened by the cheery yellow of sunflowers.