Flavored Tea

Flower petals and/or fruit bits add a touch of whimsy to flavored teas. Colorful to behold with welcoming aromas, we have chosen teas that offer a good balance between the tea and the added flavors, and the verisimilitude will amaze you!

Naturally Scented Black Tea

Item # Name Description
1810 Earl Grey, Fancy Black congou scented with natural oil of bergamot. Blue & white petals added.
1811 Earl Grey Also natural bergamot flavor. Slender leaf; medium-bodied; taste not over-powering.
1811A Organic Earl Grey
1821 Lapsang Special From the mountains of North Fujian, leaves are processed over pine fires so they may absorb the smoky flavor. Long, robust leaves.
1822 Lapsang Souchong
1822A Organic Lapsang Souchong For Lapsang Souchong aficionados, an organic option and a more affordable option.
1824 Lapsang Souchong
NEW Rose Congou Black, Fancy
1832 Rose Congou Black Rose petals in this black tea give a delightful taste and a visual treat.
1834 Bai Lan Black The "Bai-Lan" flower has slim, vanilla-colored petals. The blossoms are traditionally placed in a dish on a dressing table, desk, or dining table, or even worn in the hair, so prized is their delicate clean fragrance. Since only the flowers are used to scent the tea, the aroma is natural and not at all overpowering.
1835 Lichee Congou Black Naturally scented by adding the juice of fresh lichees to tea leaves. Wonderful flavor, hot or iced.
1865 India Chai Ingredients: India Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, & vanilla.

Flavored Black Tea

Item # Name Description
18504 Mango Indica Bright golden bits of fruit make an attractive contrast to the darker black leaves. The tea offers the sweet tropical fragrance and taste of luscious, ripe mango.
18506 Black Currant A favorite among fruit teas because of its gentle, welcoming flavor and smooth finish.
18521 Ripe Raspberry Bits of plump red raspberry and red flower petals add visual flair to this perennial favorite.
18525 Passionfruit Accented with orange bits and sunflowers. Flavor is round and full, with smooth fruity aroma.
18540 Apricot Bits of dried apricot are mixed with the tea leaves, producing the sweet familiar flavor of this delicious dried fruit.
18545 Peach The delicate peach flavor is brightened by the cheery yellow of sunflowers.

Naturally-Scented Green Tea

Item # Name Description
1905 Lichee Green Leaf shape is slender and long; the tea has the same natural sweetness of Lichee Black Congou.
1907 Rose Green Good rose flavor and aroma. Rose petals and green tea make for a classic combination.
1910 Osmanthus Green, Fancy Naturally scented with sweet Osmanthus.
1911 Osmanthus Green

Flavored Green Tea

Item # Name Description
19735 Strawberries & Roses Melange
19745 Dragonfruit & Roses From the tropics, dragonfruit has a bright red peel with sweet white pulp inside. In addition to dragonfruit bits in the tea, rose buds and blue mallow lend color to this green tea.
19765 Madame Butterfly Clean, fragrant-tasting. Bits of peaches and sunflower petals give this tea a delicate aroma. A top-selling flavored green.
19825 Summer Rose A festive, almost confetti-like appearance. Round and mellow, with a hint of vanilla-like sweetness.
19865 Celebration Full fruit flavors without overwhelming the green tea.
19935 1001 Nights Jasmine and roses give this tea a memorable fragrance.

Flavored White Tea

Item # Name Description
5862 Elderflower Mutan White Popular in cocktails, elderflower makes a wonderful pairing with white tea; taste is soft and subtle.