Green Tea

Minimalist processing: after a brief resting period, plucked leaves are de-enzymed with heat (dry or steam), then rolled, and dried again. Green teas are non-oxidized. The object is to keep plucked leaves intact with careful handling; any accidental bruising would allow oxidation.

Premium Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2003 Pi Lo Chun When the tea leaves are still warm after de-enzyming, small mounds are rolled by hand in three stages. The delicate, pliant leaves are thus transformed into the familiar spiral shape. Shanghai's favorite.
2007 Rainflower, Premium Full green tea flavor; long, fine, green leaf. Well known in China.
2010A Organic Emerald Sprouting Pretty budsets. Excellent sweet flavor.
2011 Huang Mountain Maofeng Fat, golden green buds, memorably sweet, delicate flavor.
2017A Organic Golden Bamboo Buds are long, pointed, unopened. Gold appearance in cup.
2020 Tai Ping Hou Kui Very long bud-sets; expensive but well worth the price.
2021 Lu'An Melon Seed, Premium Deep green leaves, about 2 cm long; the intensity of the color is one appealing characteristic of this well known tea. One of the best finds from our 2005 sourcing, this tea sold out early its first year. A veritable classic among Anhui's classic greens.
2021A Organic Lu'An Melon Seed Clean sweet flavor. Partly opened leaves.
2029 Green Snow Long feathery leaves of dark green and white, almost pointed like spears. Another of Anhui's prized green teas.
2034 Green Dragon Maofeng Dry leaves are a blend of silver, grey and green. Wavy shape with a slight curl in the leaf. A mild tea in that it brews up soft, without smokiness in its flavor. Makes an appealing everyday green.
2036 Mist on the Gorges Delicate sweet flavor; bud-sets. Long finish.
2052 Buddha's Aura A new hybrid tea developed by a tea research institute that combines the robust flavor of large leaves with the softer green flavor from small-leaf bushes.
2061 Snow Buds Silvery strands stand out among fairly open, pale green leaves. Taste has the delicate nuttiness of fine China Greens.
2064 Super Snow Monkey Thick white strands among darker green leaves; slightly twisted. Bud-sets show after brewing. Rich-tasting green but without harshness or bite.
2066 After the Snow Sprouting From Fujian, curled leaves showing white tips; full flavor.
2071 Bamboo Tips Each leaf is a very neat single bud, and its shape resembles a bamboo leaf. Clean flavor; from Sichuan's mountains.
2073 Mt. Emei Green Maofeng True to a Sichuan green, this tea is more assertive than green teas from eastern China. Deep wiry leaves brew a strong green.
2074 Mist on the River Abundant silver strands among twisted leaves remain attractive, unopened buds when brewed. Supple, rich flavor; easy on the palate. Its price makes this a very accessible premium green.
2076A Organic Ming Mei Thick downy leaves. This tea shows careful hand-sorting resulting in a uniform appearance. Buds are predominant in the wet leaves. Makes a delicate pale brew, with the aroma of freshly plucked leaves.
2077 Jing Gang Shan Cui Lu
NEW Snow Buds
NEW An Ji White
2081 Curled Dragon Silver Tip Thick, downy whitish leaves. Complex, subtle, but has definitive green tea finish. A top seller.
2084 1000 Islands Green, Premium At first glance, the leaves resemble Dragonwell, except they are a deeper green and a bit finer in shape. One of China's better known greens, the wet leaves give a wonderful fresh fragrance. Flavor is rich and full; not a shy green.
2088 Bubbling Spring Rolled Green Rolled into small pellets, this tea is very different from Gunpowder. When brewed, pellets are transformed to reveal, tender yellow-green bud-sets. Fresh, sweet flavor; very drinkable.

Lungching Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2089 Lungching (Dragonwell), Superfine From the West Lake region. Delicate golden brew with a lingering, slightly sweet aftertaste. Many bud-sets in these premium grades.
2090 Lungching (Dragonwell), Special
2091 Lungching (Dragonwell), 1st Grade Flat green leaves with a clear, sweet, yellow brew.
2093 Lungching (Dragonwell), 3rd Grade
2093A Organic Lungching (Dragonwell) This most popular premium green is now available as an organic tea. Same rich, sweet taste.
2094 Lungching (Dragonwell), 4th Grade Flat leaves, bargain price for distinctive Dragonwell.
2095 Lungching (Dragonwell), Standard

Hairpoint Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2112 Fancy Green Maofeng Fine, deep green leaves; exemplifies chestnut flavor.
2117 Huang Mountain Green A full-flavored, sweet-tasting green. Very good value.
2121A Organic Gold-Flecked Green Almost Tung-Ting-like leaves. Has a floral fragrance and multifaceted finish; from Anhui.
2125 Emerald Tips Green Longish leaf with silver. Full, sweet flavor.
2125A Organic Green Hairpoint Long, twisted leaves; strong green-tea flavor.
2173 Clouds & Mist Green
2180 Green Tranquility, Premium A premium Maofeng, this tea embodies the reasons for drinking green tea. Tantalizingly sweet for a green, this tea has refreshing, chestnutty notes.
2180A Organic Green Tranquility, Special As more tea drinkers discover the sweet, chestnutty quality of Maofengs and leave behind Chunmees, more organic options are always welcome.

Chunmee Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2246A Organic Young Hyson
2247 Young Hyson Thin and twisted young leaves.
2260A Organic Chunmee, Special
2261 Chunmee, 1st Grade Finest leaf; good, slightly smoky flavor.

Gunpowder Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2284A Organic Pinhead Gunpowder, Special
2284 Pinhead Gunpowder, Special
2286 Gunpowder, 1st Grade

Japan Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2427 Gyokuro Jade Dew Long, narrow, dark green leaves; pronounced natural fragrance.
2435 Kukicha, 1st Grade Hand-plucked, hand-cut with scissors before the stems are separated. From the Shizuoka region, notable for its fine teas. Yellow hues; not the brown "twig" type. Sweet, soft taste.
2444 Fukamushi Sencha A "deeply steamed" Sencha; the process makes for some broken leaves but the tea is richer in flavor and the steaming seals in freshness.
2453 Sencha, Premium A classic steamed green tea.
2454 Sencha
2454A Organic Sencha
2467 Genmaicha Sencha with roasted rice and popped rice.
2475 Bancha Fine balance of mellow smoothness and the refreshing lift of green tea.
2485 Hojicha An aromatic, full-flavored roasted tea; like a robust Oolong without any fired, bitter taste.

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Item # Name Description
2783 Decaffeinated Green CO2 processed; full leaf.

Naturally-scented Green Tea

Item # Name Description
1905 Lichee Green Leaf shape is slender and long; the tea has the same natural sweetness of Lichee Black Congou.
1907 Rose Green Good rose flavor and aroma. Rose petals and green tea make for a classic combination.
1910 Osmanthus Green, Fancy Naturally scented with sweet Osmanthus.
1911 Osmanthus Green

Flavored Green Tea

Item # Name Description
19735 Strawberries & Roses Melange
19745 Dragonfruit & Roses From the tropics, dragonfruit has a bright red peel with sweet white pulp inside. In addition to dragonfruit bits in the tea, rose buds and blue mallow lend color to this green tea.
19765 Madame Butterfly Clean, fragrant-tasting. Bits of peaches and sunflower petals give this tea a delicate aroma. A top-selling flavored green.
19825 Summer Rose A festive, almost confetti-like appearance. Round and mellow, with a hint of vanilla-like sweetness.
19865 Celebration Full fruit flavors without overwhelming the green tea.
19935 1001 Nights Jasmine and roses give this tea a memorable fragrance.