Jasmine Tea

Green teas of different grades are prepared before jasmine is harvested in the summer months. Open blossoms and tight buds are passed over; only buds about to open are plucked. As these buds are strewn over the waiting tea leaves, they gradually open and impart their fragrance, which is absorbed by the leaves. For high grades of Jasmine, the scenting process is repeated several times, at the end of which the spent flowers are removed.

Premium Jasmine Tea

Item # Name Description
3002 White Silvery Needles w/ Jasmine An extravagant tea; feathery white buds, delicate tea flavor.
3003 Jasmine Curled Dragon Silver Tip Thick, twisted whitish leaves. A lavish green tea in its own right, but scented with jasmine.
3009 Silver Dragon Jasmine Fairly robust leaves with plentiful silver strands. A good balance of jasmine bouquet and tea flavor.
3010 Super Yin Hao Jasmine More and thicker silver sproutings than the Yin Hao.
3011 Yin Hao Jasmine Finest slender leaves with abundant silver tips. Flowers have been removed after scenting and hardly any petals remain.
3012 Fancy Yin Hao Jasmine A balance between the good value of the standard Yin Hao and the extravagance of silver tips in the Super Yin Hao.

China Jasmine Tea

Item # Name Description
3019 Silver Hao Ya Jasmine Slender leaves with abundant wisps of silver. Fine jasmine flavor.
3041 Chun Hao Jasmine Careful sorting of leaves still evident. A few petals.
3049 China Tippy Jasmine A robust Jasmine with bold leaf and deep tea flavor.
3051 Chur She Jasmine Excellent, full jasmine fragrance.
3069 Hao Ya Jasmine Good proportion of silver tips; leaves slightly longer than Chun Hao. Very good jasmine bouquet.
3101 China Jasmine, Special More petals showing; slender longish leaves. Fine leaves mingled with tips; some petals. Fewer flowers remain in the tea than item #3111. Delicate tea flavor.
3101A Organic China Jasmine, Special More petals showing; slender, longish leaves.
3111 China Jasmine, 1st Grade Fine leaves, many tips, some petals; full flavor.
3119 China Jasmine, 1st Grade Fewer flowers remain in the tea than item #3131.
3131 China Jasmine, 3rd Grade Good uniformity in leaves; tea has some petals.
3151 China Jasmine, 5th Grade Good uniformity in leaves; tea has flowers and petals.

Artisan Jasmine Tea

Item # Name Description
6138 Jasmine Downy Pearls, Fancy Silvery tips carefully shaped into small round pearls. Ours are from the spring crop and are very downy. Compare quality by looking at the proportion of the bud to the stem.
6139 Jasmine Downy Pearls
6139A Organic Jasmine Downy Pearls
6336 Jasmine Silver "Peach" w/ Pink Blossom Sized like a "Red Globe Grape", silvery tips hold a bright pink blossom (Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena globosa) at the top. Scenting with jasmine gives this popular tea even more appeal.
6513 Jasmine Rings Delicate tiny hoops fashioned from fine leaves that have been scented with jasmine. Silvery hues.
6594 Jasmine Silver Stars The size of star anise, these five-pointed stars are full of silvery, downy hairs. Delightful new shape.