Specialty Tea

Naturally aged teas molded into various shapes — bricks, cakes, bowls — represent more than just their distinctive forms: steam was added to mold the leaves, allowing the tea to take on a dimension beyond loose-leaf aged teas.

Blooming flower teas: a perfect pairing of leaf and blossom — robust tea buds are hand-tied together with various flowers. The bloom that unfurls when the tea is steeped reveals the craftsmanship behind these artisan teas.

Aged Teas

Item # Name Description
  Black Tea Brick
  Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Cake
  Mini Pu-erh Tuocha

Blooming Teas

Item # Name Description
6336 Jasmine Silver "Peach"
  Jasmine Silver Stars
  Green Peony Rosettes