Organic Teas

These teas have been certified by agencies outside the tea-producing countries.

Organic Black

Item # Name Description
1015A Organic Keemun Maofeng (Hairpoint) Mellow flavor with hint of sweetness. Long, slender, twisted leaves.
1113A Organic Keemun
1180A Organic Black Orange Pekoe Good breakfast standard, now as an organic.
1710A Organic Decaffeinated Black BOP Good as Decaf and Organic English Breakfast.
1436A Organic Assam FTGFOP1 Suitable for Irish Breakfast.
15XXA Organic Darjeeling FTGFOP1, 1st Flush Please inquire about gardens each season.
16XXA Organic Darjeeling FTGFOP1, 2nd Flush Please inquire about gardens each season.
1373A Organic Ceylon Black BOP Good tea to use for Breakfast blend; bright cup with characteristic Ceylon Black strength.
1811A Organic Earl Grey
1822A Organic Lapsang Souchong For Lapsang Souchong aficionados, an organic option and a more affordable option.

Organic Green

Item # Name Description
2010A Organic Emerald Sprouting Pretty budsets. Excellent sweet flavor.
2017A Organic Golden Bamboo Buds are long, pointed, unopened. Gold appearance in cup.
2021A Organic Lu'An Melon Seed Clean sweet flavor. Partly opened leaves.
2076A Organic Ming Mei Thick downy leaves. This tea shows careful hand-sorting resulting in a uniform appearance. Buds are predominant in the wet leaves. Makes a delicate pale brew, with the aroma of freshly plucked leaves.
2093A Organic Lungching (Dragonwell) This most popular premium green is now available as an organic tea. Same rich, sweet taste.
2121A Organic Gold-Flecked Green Almost Tung-Ting-like leaves. Has a floral fragrance and multifaceted finish; from Anhui.
2125A Organic Green Hairpoint Long, twisted leaves; strong green-tea flavor.
2180A Organic Green Tranquility, Special As more tea drinkers discover the sweet, chestnutty quality of Maofengs and leave behind Chunmees, more organic options are always welcome.
2246A Organic Young Hyson
2260A Organic Chunmee, Special
2284A Organic Pinhead Gunpowder, Special
2454A Organic Sencha

Organic Jasmine

Item # Name Description
3101A Organic China Jasmine, Special More petals showing; slender, longish leaves.
6139A Organic Jasmine Downy Pearls

Organic Oolong

Item # Name Description
4389A Organic Shui Hsien Oolong A light amber Oolong that tastes wonderful; easy to drink, solid Oolong character, friendly finish without fire.
4417A Organic Ti Kuan Yin A mid-priced organic w/ medium oxidation.

Organic White Tea & Yellow Tea

Item # Name Description
5511A Organic White Flowery Pekoe (Silver Needles) A long, worthwhile wait for this organic White Yin Zhen; robust silver buds and sweet-tasting. A perfect match for those who seek out this tea with a passion.
5611A Organic White Mutan, Special Silver tips nestled among classic white "Peony" green and tan-colored leaves. Soft, delicate flavor.
5621A Organic White Mutan, 1st Grade
5411A Organic Huo Mountain Yellow Sprouting Bright green bud-sets; gentle, sweet finish.

Organic Puerh

Item # Name Description
5121A Organic Puerh, 1st Grade Puerh is a unique aged tea, with robust leaves that give an earthy brew. Very popular in tea houses.
5116A Organic Puerh, 1st Grade
5245A Organic Puerh