Oolong Tea

Plucked leaves are tossed and shaken, and as the leaves fall upon themselves, slight bruising occurs along the edges of the leaves, which initiates oxidation. Oxidation is halted, with the time dependent on the type of Oolong being made. There are alternate periods of this shaking and resting process, followed by rolling, and drying. After these steps, the tea is known as Primary Tea. Further sorting follows with additional drying to finish the tea.

Formosa Oolong Tea

Item # Name Description
4030 Green Jade Oolong Lighter, more floral style of "green Oolongs".
4034 Tung Ting Oolong, Extra Premium Tightly rolled green leaves, flecked with gold. Available for a brief time only each season. Full, richer flavor than that of item #4035.
4133 Pouchong Oolong, Premium Lush green leaves, superb aroma with a sweet finish.
4135 Pouchong Oolong Pale green brew; one of Taiwan's best teas.
4232 Formosa Silvertip Oolong, Superfancy Exceptionally smooth flavor; full of Oolong aroma.
4255 Formosa Oolong, Special Rich aroma and classic Formosa Oolong flavor. Akin to Tung Ting's aroma and its greenish curled leaves.

Min Pei Oolong Tea

Item # Name Description
4372 Da Hong Pao (Royal Red Robe), Extra Fancy Brews a deep gold-light amber cup. Wet leaves give high mountain aroma. Mild, smooth taste; elegant, almost austere, fragrant finish.
4373 Da Hong Pao (Royal Red Robe), Premium One of the best known Oolongs from the Wuyi mountains in Fujian. This tea almost startles with its dramatic aromas.
4388 Wuyi Shui Hsien Rock Oolong The name refers to a tea from northern Fujian, where mountainous terrain that has been harsh for farmers bestows tea growers with a more welcoming setting. Robust, thick leaves mark this as a classic Oolong. In this tea, some of the tea bushes date back 100 years.
4381 Min-Pei Oolong, Special

Shui Hsien Oolong Tea

Item # Name Description
4389A Organic Shui Hsien Oolong A light amber Oolong that tastes wonderful; easy to drink, solid Oolong character, friendly finish without fire.
4390 Shui Hsien Oolong, Special Described as having a natural orchid-like flavor; good for many infusions with a lingering fragrance; clear, bright, amber color. Longer oxidation than the above teas.
4391 Shui Hsien Oolong, 1st Grade

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea

Item # Name Description
4402 Ti Kuan Yin, Select Floral Gold One of the best examples of Fujian's new "light" Ti Kuan Yin's Light gold brew belies exceptional fragrance.
4404 Ti Kuan Yin, Select Floral Stunning floral aroma. Almost a distillation of flowers, but not perfume-y. Golden brew.
4412 Ti Kuan Yin, Select Floral This Fujian sets a standard for "light" Ti Kuan Yin's; a solid, well balanced Ti Kuan Yin with notable fragrance.
4413 Ti Kuan Yin, Special Select Fragrant Pale brew color is deceptive, for the aroma of this tea is remarkable. "Light" here refers to the body but not to the flavor. Complex fragrance in the nose and on the palate.
4414 Ti Kuan Yin, Classic Special Round, soft, mellow with hints of the distinctive Ti Kuan Yin strength. This tea is often served in gong-fu tea sets, and it is said that repeated cups can be intoxicating. That saying may refer to the priciness of Ti Kuan Yin's, but the fragrance and flavor do invite imbibing again and again.
4417A Organic Ti Kuan Yin A mid-priced organic w/ medium oxidation.
4423 Ti Kuan Yin, Special Select Fragrant Gold Full complex flavor without any fire. The first sip is all it takes to give a sense of the exceptional aroma. Not the floral quality of item #4403 or #4404, but the traditional fragrance of Ti Kuan Yin's.
4415 Ti Kuan Yin, Classic 1st Grade This represents the high end of a traditional Ti Kuan Yin; as these teas go up in grades, there is more fragrance and lighter brews.
4419 Ti Kuan Yin, Special Select Fragrant Wonderful natural bouquet and a delicious, long finish. Many nuances on the palate.
4427 Ti Kuan Yin, Classic 3rd Grade Great value for the price. Hearty flavor without the fire. Golden orange brew.

Min Nan Oolong Tea

Item # Name Description
4482 Hairy Crab Oolong, Premium The tea leaves are covered with a fine white down, hence the name "Hairy Crab". The fragrance of this tea has been compared with that of jasmine. The leaves are robust and show some green. Golden yellow brew. Sweet, smooth-tasting Oolong. Mild and soothing.
4531 Imperial Gold Oolong This very popular favorite now available in a higher grade, with a brighter bouquet. Perhaps the classiest tea in its price range.
4533 Imperial Gold Oolong A masterfully crafted tea with a big fragrance. Brews a delicate gold color, and the wet leaves show intact, tender young leaves. This tea has an extravagant, mouth-filling flavor that will win many tea drinkers to this style of Oolong.
4553 Orchid Oolong Very good fragrance that follows through to the flavor. Golden colored brew, medium body.
4551 Orchid Oolong, Premium No flowers added, but a tea known for its fine fragrance.
4554 Ben Shan Oolong Not a locale but the name of a tea bush varietal, this Oolong is pale gold with a character in the "Light Fragrant" style; good-value tea that is not usually exported.
4580 Min-Nan Oolong, Special
4581 Sechung Oolong, 1st Grade The dark leaves lead one to expect some fire, but the brew proves otherwise. The cup is a light golden amber and gives a long lovely fragrance. Full of flavor in the mouth, this is a tea with some finesse, with no strong fired taste. A good find and good-value tea.
4583 Sechung Oolong Good Oolong bouquet, hearty aroma.
4610 Flowery Oolong, Premium Also known as "Phoenix Single Trunk Oolong". Lingering flavor and aroma. Long, slender leaves.
4611 Flowery Oolong Bai Yeh (White Leaf) Dan Cong Rich, thick body; long and bold leaves, almost 1" long. Wonderful natural bouquet with a complex aftertaste. Top grades are elegant teas that should be savored in sips.