Puerh Tea

After processing, teas are set aside and stored for years under monitored conditions. There are loose-leaf Puerh teas and also molded teas. Steam is added to the leaves as they are formed into cakes or bricks or other shapes. Oxidized teas allowed to age this way are known as "cooked" Puerh. Non-oxidized aged teas are known as "raw" Puerh; what began as a non-oxidized tea gradually becomes oxidized over time, resulting in a highly unique product.

China Puerh Tea

Item # Name Description
5024 Yunnan Puerh, Aged I Grey-brown, long leaves. A smooth, richly flavored Puerh. A consistent bestseller; for the true Puerh devotee.
5051 Pu-erh, Very Old Slender and long leaf with long stalks, rich earthy flavor.
5115 Aged Yunnan Tribute Puerh Fine, twisted, coppery leaf with tips; rich, smooth Puerh taste.
5121A Organic Puerh, 1st Grade Puerh is a unique aged tea, with robust leaves that give an earthy brew. Very popular in tea houses.
5116A Organic Puerh, 1st Grade
5245A Organic Puerh
5222 Aged Yunnan Puerh Medium fine leaf; mild flavor.
6510 Yunnan Puerh for Tea Houses Large bold leaf; earthy full flavor.