Our Teas

When it comes to teas, authenticity means a sense of place: teas that express a sense of their place of origin and production methods. These are the teas on which Eastrise rests its reputation, from standards that are familiar and understandably popular to premium teas, where leaf shapes and distinctive flavors become memorable, and where each sip invites another.

As a decision maker for your business. product knowledge is key — how to assess what you see from various vendors and their offerings. As you expand your visual, olfactory, tasting memory and tea lexicon, Eastrise can support you in building a frame of reference for judging tea quality. This education is an on-going process for us as well as we strive continually to elevate standards, in our sourcing, for our customers and for consumers.

The aromas and tastes that inhere in tea leaves, gently coaxed out during processing, can be amazing and vastly enjoyable, and we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.